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Shreedama Technologies is not just one of the many IT companies. We are a company that strives to understand and deliver much more than what is expected of us. For many of our clients, an online presence may be just a formality or a tool for their users, but it is a new way to connect with these people, a new way to understand and give them another aspect of service to these users. We aim to give our 110% not just to our immediate clients, but also to their eventual end-users.
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We envisage ourselves as the harbinger of the latest technologies to local businesses. We want all of our clients to have the best online presence, be it in the form of a state-of-the-art website or a mobile application.

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    We see ourselves as a revolution for the numerous local businesses who want to increase their business with a professional online presence. We will continue to work hard till eternity to ensure that all local businesses get the best online presence with the latest technology.

  • Mission
  • Approach

    We never differentiate between any projects. For us, each project is essential. Our team works with 100% dedication to ensure that each project gets completed within the promised deadline. We use the latest programs and technologies in all our projects.

  • Approach
    • Build better business software a lot quicker with ekko, designs that will fit in with any type of website

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      Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

      Sara Grant

      Chief Executive

      Luke Jacobs

      Marketing Manager

      Claire Olson

      Financial Manager

      Phillip Hunt

      Sales Manager

      Amber Page

      Web Developer

      Leroy Bell

      Software Engineer

      Paula Cross

      Support Technician

      Edward Wood

      Systems Analyst