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Website development company in Surat. We are creating website development and web designing for small and medium-sized businesses carrying across the world. We know a website for your business is the first step towards its virtual presence. While developing websites, we make sure the products and services of our customers are showcasing in the most refined manner.

If you are hiring our web development services, we can make a customized website for your business. Additionally, we always ensure your every product or service will remain in the well-defined category. While developing a website for our customers, we never forget to add call-to-action stuff. That helps in promoting the conversions out of the traffic coming to the websites of our customers.

After developing a website or online store for your business, we can promise to fulfil the following objectives.

  1. A large customer base that is looking for services or products online.
  2. The website works as a data source for all your stakeholders.
  3. Ensuring better customer support through the website address.
  4. Your business looks professional, and you create trust in the market.
  5. Website leads to longer relationships and the creation of values.
  6. It works for a long year. Once you had interactive, engaging, and fast websites from us, you only require a minor update and frequent Content on your websites.

Since our start, we had always strived to fulfil the client’s expectations across industries. We believe in adopting the integrated approach in our project development. Once we get the project to create a website development and Web design for our clients, we deploy specific resources for that project. A web development manager supervises the whole process and ensures that our graphics designers, content writers, web developers, web designers, etc., are on the right track.

We are a significant player among web development services in Surat and adopt a high level of professionalism, advanced technical knowledge, and industry-specific approach in developing websites for our clients. Our development process is well maintained and consistently exceeds the client’s expectations.

What do We provide in Web Development Services?


Our custom-made templates are coded into WordPress themes and develop a website based on your expectation. We retain singularity and business values while using the custom plugin, multi-faceted themes, and others.


We improve the performance of your eCommerce website with Magento. Your customer gets a better experience that leads to more and more orders at your website.


We are a big player in Progressive Web Application (PWA) development. Your users do not require visiting the store for install, thus giving fast, reliable, and offline availability to the end-users.


Do you looking for a fast, reliable, and perfect platform for a high-volume e-commerce business, get in touch with us. We use Shopify for e-commerce website development.


We develop full-fledged web applications with the help of CodeIgniter Development Services. Our effective and experienced team is highly competent and specialized in Codeigniter Development.


We use PHP Based framework, Laravel, for website development. Through our Laravel development, you get maximum benefits with a world-class solution. It is easy to use and provides excellent security.


We are a MEAN development company in Surat and deals with all four tyes:- MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js. For a long, we are using MEAN stack over LAMP, JAVA, and. NET. A vast number of clients base on MEAN stake is the testimony of our unparallel service.


We know how to provide the right technology layer, excellent web experience, and a high level of web development performance. We are a MERN web development company based in Surat.


MEVN has emerged as a new and effective way to develop a user-friendly and dynamic web application. You are into the MEVN development and ensure that you effectively designed frontend and robust backend websites.

We already know that it is one of the biggest things happening on the internet. It has completely changed the shopping experiences for millions of people, and we can become a partner to take you on this journey. Customers are no longer require to visit one store to another to purchase products. They can sit at their home and order the products. Additionally, the customers get their ordered products to their doorstep in a fast and convenient manner. Since last year, the pace of e-Commerce Website Development and its adoption has increased many folds due to Covid 19 infection and subsequent lockdown. All sorts of experts are predicting that the coming years belong to eCommerce.

Shreedama Technologies is one of the pioneers in e-commerce website development in surat. We entered into eCommerce designing long years back, and since then, we are making our clients like you happy with easy and quick websites based on a world-class e-commerce framework. We use Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, and other popular frameworks of our clients. Ecommerce websites are not like any other websites as you require frequent updates on the websites. We genuinely believe that for your eCommerce website, you need a robust and safe payment management system. All the verticals of the e-commerce segment, like stock, payment, delivery, customer support, etc., must work in a synchronized way. Hence, your e-commerce websites work all the time flawlessly. In 2 to 5 years, the whole shopping experience will go through another wave of change due to eCommerce. So invest today in eCommerce web development and get long-term benefits.

We ensure that your customers get a great shopping experience on your e-commerce website. Web pages load faster with no lagging or slowness; it fully complies with everyone’s expectations. We have a wide range of experience in developing e-commerce websites for different sectors. Our expertise, market research, and client-centric approach are continually working to provide best-in-class websites for our clients. We use the latest plugin and other functionality of third parties to enhance the shopper’s experience.

At Shreedama Technologies, we always had a firm belief that Content is the soul of any website. We ensure that the search engine presents information when our prospective customers look for relevant information through keywords. We give great emphasis to the content management system. We have developed a complete framework for content creation and content posting. Our experts code the whole website based on CMS frameworks like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. We code and install paid or unpaid plugins based on your requirements. This methodology leads to better content management for clients.

Based on requirements, Our clients can update the information whenever they require it. It is advantageous to use open-source plugins, which is why we use that approach in our CMS. Once we develop the Your website, You can control the website’s Content as per your will and future requirements.

We are one of the swiftly growing website development services in Surat. Without compromising on quality, we deliver a high-quality website in a specified timeline. It is possible because we use open-source platforms for our content management system. Making changes super easy, and there is no limitation on change. You can make changes daily.

Shreedama Technologies understands your requirements. After that, we deploy a content management system based on various criteria, expected traffic on websites, transaction size, database size, technical specification, and others. We follow CMS based approach on Data Safety, Easy collaboration & access, Advanced SEO tools, and cost-effectiveness. Our clients never need a high level of technical knowledge for using works provided by us.

CMS stores all the web content in one place that brings effortless collaboration, assisting dynamic web pages and updates to become easy and quick. As a client, you also save time and money with our CMS.

We understand that many times, ready-made frameworks do not work well. As a client, you ask for a custom app. So in case you are in search of any custom app development company in Surat, You are at the proper palace. We start our development process from scratch on languages like NodeJS, Angular JS, Laravel, PHP, CodeIgniter, etc. You get your websites precisely as per your expectations. 

Our team at Shreedama Technologies adopts a time-specific approach and provides custom-made applications for small and medium enterprises. We have created an in-house team specially for startups. They need special attention as their business journey is at an early stage. Clients have understood the importance of the digital revolution and ask for other verticals of website development like Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP), and Sales Management system (SMS). We are also into that segment and providing 100 percent customizable, robust, and end-user-friendly applications. 

Get in touch with us and have complete control over every segment of your business. We will develop CRM, ERP, SMS, and other related applications. We will also link these applications with your websites to get an integrated and systematic business model.

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    1) What is web development?

    Web development is the work involved in developing a Web site for the Internet (World Wide Web). It is a landing page where users can get information.

    2) Why your business need web development?

    Every business needs a web presence to show their business online and reach out to their targeted audience. In this digital era, every business requires one website with content.

    3) How long it takes to get ready my website?

    It completely depends on how creative a website you want and the experience of web developers.

    4) What are benefits of web development?

    Every business needs an online presence and if you have a website, you can bring your business to the internet and spread your business around the globe.

    5) How much does it cost to create a website?

    We already launched webs development packages like

    Static website package

    Dynamic website package

    Ecommerce website package

    So check out these packages.

    6) Is domain and hosting registration free?

    No, domian and hosting regisration charges are included in packages.

    7) Can you make SEO friendly website?

    Every website should be SEO friendly to rank higher on a search engine, we ensure that every website we make will be SEO friendly

    8) Which technology do you use to make website?

    We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript for front-end design and PHP, Ruby, and other frameworks.

    9) Do you offer maintenance services?

    Yes, we provide 1-year maintenance services after the order finished.

    10) Do you make responsive design?

    We ensure that every website we make will be fully mobile responsive and run on any device.

    11) Are there any hidden fees?

    No, we don’t have any hidden fees

    12) What are your payment steps?

    Once you place an order we take 50% amount in advance and the remaining amount we take On delivery time.


    If you have any questions related to Web Development service, we have covered all of the answers to your questions.

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    We used the services of Shreedama technologies for website designing. Based on our budget, need, and expectation, their team provided us the most affordable quotation for web development. We are delighted with their whole website development process.

    Dineshbhai Patel

    Chief Executive

    Shreedama technologies are super quick and always keep SEO at the forefront in website development. I am highly impressed with their professional attitude. I will recommend others to use their affordable services.


    Shreedama Technologies has a well-defined web development structure. They analyze, plan, Develop, Deliver and provide support. We are very happy with their top-notch Web Development process.

    Alia Gajjar

    We are into the real estate business and long felt a need to have our website. By looking for a web Development Company in Surat, Firstly I get impressed with their websites and second impressed with their services. Go and try them, they are the best In the market.


    I was looking for a web development company in Surat. One of my friends suggested using the services of Shreedama technologies. They have an experienced team of web developers. Thank you shreedama.

    Parag Kumar

    Web Developer

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