Privacy Policy

Shreedama Technologies acknowledges that all the content, graphics and videography(from now on referred to as intellectual property) given to us for doing the project are solely for the intended purposes. Shreedama Technologies will never share these intellectual properties with any third party for any reason whatsoever. 

Shreedama Technologies also assures that all the intellectual properties shared with it will remain confidential at all times. Email addresses collected by us will be used solely for sending newsletters and other promotional materials. The receivers of these emailers can unsubscribe to these emails whenever they want. Shreedama Technologies will never use these Email addresses for any other purposes other than the intended purpose usual to share these email addresses with any third parties.

Data Security

Data generated through the websites/applications made by Shreedama Technologies will always remain confidential with Shreedama Technologies. This data will only be disclosed or used for other purposes only with the client’s prior permission or the end-user. Shreedama Technologies has put enough checks and balances to ensure that there is no unauthorized access of the data or that the data is not used for reasons other than its intended purpose.

Collection of Data

Through its websites/applications, Shreedama Technologies collects primary data from you to serve you better. This data collected from you is generally in the form of contact numbers, email addresses and other data to get the best customer care experience from the website.

This data is then stored for future reference and use and is used by the client for marketing and other purposes. We at Shreedama Technologies ensure that this data is used only for the intended purpose and that your personal data is not misused in any way.